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Collin Gayle


Graphic Designer 

Video Creator

and More

It has been a journey, but it has just begun. So it is actually Exciting Times, because it seems very promising. I am committed to the hard work, I'm certainly not the one to shy away from that.

My last stop in my education journey thus far was TOURO COLLEGE, where I earned a Master's Degree in Web and Multimedia in 2019. It was a wonderful experience I must say. Also due to the fact that I was well prepped at York College CUNY, where I experienced a rigorous curriculum that gave me the essential tools needed, when I received my Bachelor's Degree, in Communications Technology. It gave me the strength that I needed to have less of a struggle in familiar areas such as Animation, Graphic Design and Video, where the softwares taught remained the same.

The most exciting thing to me as an artist is to bring my ideas to life. The icing on the cake however, would be to execute those ideas in such a way that is pleasing to me and makes a difference in someones life.

I am constantly evolving, my brain has been transformed allowing me to see things on a higher level over time. To give an example of this would be, when I first started taking classes in Graphic Design and I would only incorporate three basic colors in my work. These were colors that I felt safe with, that were also my favorites until I was told to explore other colors. Today, I look at my work and I can see growth.

I must add, that it is truly a blessing to do what I LOVE and I am so happy that I get to share this with the world.

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